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Jan Clark always wanted to be a floral or fashion designer ever since she was a little girl. She loved flowers and was also a huge fan of Edith Head and Bob Mackie. Class Clown, Jan also has a passion for comedy. Jan's idols are Phyllis, Carol, Gilda, Lily and Tracey. And Jan secretly dreamed of becoming a comedienne. smiling whose shoe jan clark laughBut when she graduated from college she did the safe thing and went to work in a Personnel Office. That followed by a short stint as an Office Manager at a Solar Company. Then a chance meeting with a movie crew member led her to Hollywood and a 17 year career as a Production Accountant. When she moved to Florida she realized she had put her real passion on the shelf for just too long. She opened a flower shop and started designing flowers for weddings and special events.

walking feet Jan's other pastime is antique collecting and rummaging through thrift shops. One day at the local Goodwill she found a pair of shoes that she loved. They had beautiful lines and were just lovely. Only one problem. The shoes were size 7 and Jan wears an 8 1/2. Well I am sure you have guessed, she bought them anyway. One day in her workroom she thought the shoes reminded her of what Hollywood leading lady Joan Crawford would have worn. So she created a floral design with Joan Crawford in mind. They sat nicely on a shelf for about 6 months. Then another trip to a local thrift shop inspired the second pair of shoes. Being in the wedding biz she thought it would be cute to do a bride and groom themed shoe. The next was a flea market find of the Ruby Slippers...................whose shoes shoe bride and groom

Jan failed to show anyone the shoes for fear of being locked up by the gents in the white coats. Finally a friend spotted them and said "Those are so cute." Her mom also expressed a positive reaction when she saw them. Jan did a trade show and to get the brides' attention she put the pair of the shoes on her table. Brides flocked over to her table to see the shoes.

The subsequent trips to the thrift stores produced more and more shoes. She found people were not asking her what her newest wedding creation was, but what was the latest "Whose Shoe?"creation. Jan has been fortunate to have several gallery showings for the public. The reactions are priceless.

When Jan asked a little girl which shoe was her favorite, she said "The Clown Shoes" When Jan asked "Why is that your favorite?" the little girl clenched her hands into a fist, closed her eyes, and said " They just make me so happy!" Nuf said?

Flowers, Fleamarkets, Funny and Fashion...Who Knew?
For more Info on Jan go to www.PerfectlyDreadful.com www.whoseshoe.com

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