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Whose Shoe- Shoe Drive www.whoseshoe.com

In the last few years Jan had the opportunity to work with several charities in the Fort Myers area and she discovered an interesting similarity between all of the groups regardless of the people they were serving. Whether it was the Soup Kitchen that helps homeless men and women, or the Nations Association that helps underprivileged families with children or the CRO Agency that helps teenage girls, they unanimously expressed a need for shoes. Yes Shoes.

Jan has made it her goal that she will collect, with the help of over 55 Communities, various businesses, organizations and individuals, enough new or used shoes to help facilitate all of the above listed men, women, children and teens and seniors in the Fort Myers area.whose shoes shoe richard simmons.In
2007-2020 with the help of "Foot Soldiers"
over 10,000 pair of shoes were collected
and distributed in the Fort Myer area.

It is this simple. She does not need you to write a check or even take a dollar bill out or your pocket. She is simply asking if you will participate in a Shoe Drive. All you need to do is to ask family and friends if they have any new or used shoes in their closets that they are not using and collect those shoes for those who have none. One Day or One Month itís all up to each group.

If you would like to join the Shoe Drive please call or email me and I will help you get started. w
ww.wh,oseshoe.comwhose shoe

Click here if you or your organization would like to collect shoes.

Click here if your organization needs shoes.

Thank you also to the people and groups that are helping to make this shoe drive a success!


CALL 239.694.5868

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